Visitor guidelines

Utah Tar Sands Resistance Protest Vigil at PR Springs

What is the Vigil?

The Vigil is a constant presence within the 50 square miles of trust land that SITLA (School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration of Utah) leased to US Oil Sands (a Canadian corporation) for tar sand stripmining and processing.

The permanent protest vigil is near PR Springs on the Tavaputs Plateau and within the Ute nation boundaries.  The Vigil is a project of Utah Tar Sands Resistance (UTSR).

UTSR supports the position that all lands within the Uncompahgre reservation be restored to the ownership and control of the Ute people as their sovereign land.

At the Vigil UTSR welcomes visitors investigating and protesting the several extreme energy extraction sites on the Tavaputs Plateau.  UTSR offers to host allied organizations who by agreement can sponsor events at the permanent protest vigil.  We can provide access to the basic infrastructure necessary for your group to sponsor discussions, trainings, monitoring, and protesting at the site of extraction. UTSR can provide tours of the area and detailed presentations about the history of the US Oil Sands project and tar sands and oil shale developments on the Colorado Plateau.

The Permanent Protest Vigil is intended to be a legal free speech activity and “within the law”.  We maintain the Vigil as much as possible to be a space safe from arrest. Only lawful forms of protest occur within the Vigil site. The Vigil is a form of non-violent civil disobedience.

UTSR maintains the Vigil as a place for folks to assemble and participate without fear of social oppression or legal action. We invite you to join us. We believe that everyone has the right to feel physically and mentally safe, supported, and respected. Hateful or discriminatory behavior, actions, or language will not be tolerated at the UTSR Vigil.

Guidelines for visitors.

UTSR asks all visitors to the Vigil to contact us prior to visiting if you can.  We may need supplies or have news. Groups should contact the Vigil to coordinate their visit.

At the Vigil we have fresh spring water, trench toilets, tarped areas for shade, and a group kitchen with cooking supplies and dishes for groups up to ten.  Groups and individuals should otherwise plan to be be self sufficient.

All welcome visitors and guests assist in daily chores and camp upkeep.

Volunteers have a responsibility to check in with coordinators about staying long term, let people know their plans and make sure it’s okay.  Volunteers are expected to abide by guidelines,  contribute to daily chores and enhance the work being done.  Be involved.

Contact the Utah Tar Sands Resistance Vigil at