Petroteq mess in Uintah county.

Petroteq Energy looses lease and leaves a mess behind at their failed tar sands strip mine. 

Abandoned chemicals at Petroteq

Petroteq mess abandoned at Asphalt Ridge in Uintah County.

At Asphalt Ridge, Vernal Utah: another tar sands scam skips out and leaves a mess. Petroteq Energy formerly known as MCW has a long history of violations

Recently they were ord​ered to vacate according to this inspection report by April Abate from the Utah department of Oil Gas and mining.

Here are some of the findings in the report:

“Conclusions and Recommendations: Operation has been ordered to vacate by the property owner. The lease is no longer valid. The operator has been cited for improper storage of deleterious materials and unpaid permit fees under MN-2020-60-01. The abatement requires immediately retaining a licensed disposal contractor to inventory and dispose of all petroleum and hazardous materials.”

‘Permit fees were not paid by required due date of January 31; however an annual report was submitted.”

“The gate was locked. We were escorted onto the property by the property owner’s security staff.”

“An area of seepage was observed draining into the mine pit. It was not clear if this seep originated from the rock outcrop or from an area of standing water. The DEQ indicated that if this is a seep, they will want it recorded on their Stormwater Pollution
Prevention Plan and have it drain away from the mine pit.”

“The site contained numerous areas of 55-gallon drums and plastic tanks containing various chemicals, a lot of which had open bungs and were rusted. The tanks contained heavy oil, and the drums were primarily toluene, ethylene glycol, and other chemicals labeled as hazardous. Some corregated metal and other trash was found disposed of in an undisturbed drainage area within the permit boundary. This will also need to be cleaned up.”

Here is what Petroteq said to UDOGM  in this required progress report submitted by Petroteq on January 24 2020.

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