Tar Sands Holdings II

Tar Sands Holdings II llc is another failed tar mine permitted for tar mining by Utah department of oil gas and mining. Tar Sands Holdings II acquired the Crown asphalt mining project in 2013. They made no inspection report for 2020. The inspection report for 2019 is included below. 

Crown asphalt struggled for two decades to process tar before going bankrupt in 2012.

Tar sands Holdings II is connected to Vivakor who is claiming to be operating here.  

Tar Sands Holdings II llc.

Salt Lake tribune photo of Asphalt Ridge mine site.


2019 mineral inspection report


REPORT DATE: MAY 7, 2019 Mine Name: Asphalt Ridge

Inspection Date: 05/07/2019 10:32 AM Permit Number: M/47/0032 

Inspection Time: 11:00 AM Mine Status: Active 

Inspector(s): April Abate Operator Name: Tar Sands Holdings II 

Prior Inspection: Jun 28, 2017 Attendec(s): A. Burrows, D. Hall, W. Campbell, . Novak, Div

Permit Fees: Paid Water Quality Weather: Sunny/Overcast 

Bond Amount: $792,000 Reviewed By:

Bond Escalation: Mar 2, 2016 Inspection Purpose: Routine inspection Conclusions and Recommendations: Site needs additional maintenance work on the seeps. Operator committed to maintenance on sceps by covering them with large boulders and to remediate leak from processs tank 


7: Evaluated 1. Permits, Revisions, Transfer, Bonds 

0 : Enforced Comment: Company has provided samples from mine reserves to potential investors and to asphalt manufacturers. This is what supposedly has comprised the 1600 tons from 3 stockpiles reported in the 2018 Annual report submission

X: Evaluated 2. Public Safety (shafts, adits, trash, signs, highwalls

0 : Enforced Comment: Scrap metal, salvaged equipment, crates and drums containing bitumen remain on the site in the boneyard areas. Should be cleaned up and taken offsite for proper disposal if no future use is planned

X: Evaluated 3. Protection of Drainages/Erosion Control 

O : Enforced Comment: Vivakor is no longer operating on the site. Another group is conducting due diligence on purchasing the property

DWQ granted old permitbyrule on the condition that they will process sands. Seeps that are cropping out from the asphalt ore that flows into the main pit showed heavy oxidation flowing over the rocks. Requested that the operator cover these oxidized areas with gravel to limit the surface exposure and minimize acid rock drainage

X: Evaluated 4. Delctcrious Material 

: Enforced Comment: Small leak on one tank, Could not determine based on visual observation whether or not this was product, water, or a mixurebof both. Operator acknowleged it and will look into remediating it. 5. Roads (maintenance, surfacing, dust control, safety

X: Evaluated 

0 : Enforced Comment: Water bars installed for storwater diversion are in good working order

X: Evaluated 6. Reclamation 

D: Enforced Comment; No reclamation is occurring on the site. Boneyard areas contain lots of scrap metal and equipment that appers to be almost new/barely used

X: Evaluated 7. Backfilling/Grading (trenches, pits, roads, highwalls, shafts)
D: Enforced Comment: No backfilling or grading is occurring at the present time.
Evaluated 8. Soils
D:Enforced Comment:
O : Evaluated 9. Revegetation
O : Enforced Comment: 10. Other
D: Evaluated
D: Enforced Comment: Comment: Minor leak was oberved from one of the process tanks (approx. 1-2 gallons), below reportable qty

Comment: Example of active seep. Drains into mine pit. No offsite impact.

Comment: Stormwater was present in and near the main mine pit

Comment: Bitumen product containers located on the property.

permit number M0470032

LLC registration

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