Don’t invest in Vivakor VIVK

Don’t invest in Vivakor VIVK

Utah is very attractive to deceitful business men. Tar sands is also an appealing scam vehicle for collecting investors money. Vivakor is another tar sands investment scam. 

Vivakor has used the state of Utah to provide a false sense of legitimacy for the vague and misleading claims made on their web page. Vivakor has never made a profit they have managed to siphon off a huge salary for Matthew Nicosia and Trent Staggs two of the sleazy business men who manage Vivakor. They both attended BYU. 

Don’t invest in Vivakor or any of the subsidiaries. These men are promising risk free returns and green fossil fuel remediation. 

Main canyon at PR Springs

Remote forest in eastern Utah would be “remediated” by Vivaventures energy group.

Vivakor’s web page shows a series of press releases promising completion of the same 2 machines over and over for several years.  

Other names include:

HealthAmerica, Inc.Vivaventures Energy GroupVivaVentures Exploration LLCVivaVentures Inc. VivaOpportunity Fund, LLC.