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Since 2014 Utah Tar Sands Resistance has held a permanent protest vigil at PR Springs Utah to raise awareness against strip-mining for tar sands and oil shale in Utah. We work year round to expose the true cost of these extreme energy projects.

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Vigil camp on land leased for tar sands strip mining

Tar sands resistance vigil camp at PR Springs

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Baby Buck in PR Springs canyon

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7 thoughts on “Contact Tar Sands Resistance

  1. Hello
    I live in Red Deer Alberta. It is about 7 hours south of our “wonderful” lol tar sands. And of course all of you are aware of the Alberta tar sands of which most of the “rights” have been sold to foreign corporations.
    If you have ever been there, it is an embarrassing eyesore on the Athabasca river drainage basin. It is also one large toxic waste dump, and these lands you speak of WILL end up in the same condition as ours has, if you choose to discontinue protests. I sincerely hope your state and federal administrations will succumb to your desires to close these areas permanently to “development”.
    I have been employed by the oil industry intermittently throughout my many years here in Alberta. It has given me work, and paid my wages at significant environmental cost. Our province is quickly becoming a wasteland, and I am not proud to say I have been a part of it.
    I have been to Utah and it is a beautiful state with unreal and gorgeous geography. Just as beautiful as Alberta or anywhere for that matter. Alberta has been destroyed by big business and, also by its short sighted residents who feel that the economy must come first.
    I really hope to come down there in the early spring, and wave our Canadian flag right beside your American flag in support of this significant cause.
    It is disheartening to see your own police forces, and even your state government ignore the facts due to lobbyists and the influence of big business. Remember, your country and ours are not a democracy but a police state. When some one occupies your land unjustly, one fights back!
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope to see all of you very soon.
    Bay Shibley

  2. sent you an email,
    looking for information on Ute tribal contacts to talk about the estonian involvement in this area.

  3. How much do you actually know about the technology being used by Redleaf and the HUGE difference between the tar-sands of Canada?

  4. Hello, I would love to help the movement I’m located in south Jordan.
    I have a petition on trying to rally Utah to speak out against the senates vote on the keystone pipeline. I’d love your help getting more supporters. I’ll keep an eye on your upcoming events, but please let me know if there is anything else I can do in the area for Utah tar sands Resistance in anyway. I’ll do my best.
    here is a link to the petition
    Thanks for your help!

  5. I would like to come visit you this coming Thursday on the land camp. Are there people there in your camp? can one see the current activities of the tar sands start-up.
    How long is it from Moab?
    If we come up just for the day. what can we bring you?! that would be helpful to those who are there?

    Thanks for what you are doing!!
    susie in moab

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