Red Leaf begins reclamation on failed oil shale project in Uintah County. 

Red Leaf begins reclamation on failed oil shale project in Uintah County. 

Red Leaf to begin reclamation

UTSR protest at Red Leaf in 2014

Red Leaf Resources Oil shale mine and processing facility has finally begun remediation at the Oil Shale mine Southwest #1 Utah Permit Number: M0470103.

This 274 acre site was never operational. Here is the most recent Mining progress report Jan 22, 2021

“Ore Disposition: No ore was mined, stockpiled, processed, heaped, etc. in 2020. The last mining activities occurred in 2015. Inert, non-processed ore, and overburden stockpiles are present and maintained in stable conditions at multiple locations across the LMO site.”

Laura Nelson who worked for former governor’s Herbert and Huntsman was at one time a VP at Red Leaf resources (2007-2012). Laura Nelson also known as the “Carbon Queen” was head of the governors office of Energy Development until January 2020. As CEO of Red Leaf she helped Red Leaf to persuade the legislature to pay for “the road to nowhere” or Seep Ridge Road in Uintah County. 

Laura Nielsen's road to nowhere.

UTSR bike ride on Seep Ridge road, “The road to nowhere” built for Red Leaf and US Oil sands.

Seep Ridge road runs past the Red Leaf Resources mine site and ends at the failed PR Springs tar sands mine site on the county line to Grand county. Currently the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) is attempting to extend this road into Grand County. Grand County and others have been fighting this road that only serves oil and gas for decades!   

Reclamation Plan to begin spring 2021. You can still invest in Redleaf.


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