Change SITLA

It is time for Utah to change SITLA

SITLA is destroying Utah’s pristine wilderness and providing a paltry 2% of the yearly budget. 

banner "Stripmines waste Utah, SITLA wastes Utah's Trust"

“Stripmines waste Utah, SITLA wastes Utah’s Trust”

Utah spends $4.02 billion dollars per year on k thru 12 public education.

In 2019 $82.66 million in (SITLA) school land trust funds distributed throughout schools in Utah this year.

These numbers and math show SITLA provides 2% ( 0.02056196479 ) of public school funds.  

I won’t expound on the wrongful damage SITLA does to the potential for a livible future for the schoolchildren in Utah … that is well documented elsewhere … see for ex.
Although SITLA contributes only 2% the money is very controversial. 

How do they do it?  SITLA (and I mean our governor Dirty Herbert and the Legislature) hypes the puny SITLA 2% by requiring school parents to be elected to local councils for 2 year terms to decide how to spend the 2% within strict brackets. (See story above)

A bureaucracy has been created just to serve these councils. 

The councils themselves become vested in the SITLA 2%. 

All this convolution is in service to perpetuating SITLA, the nefarious enterprise overseen by Dirty Herbert’s hand picked board. 

Let’s all support the students who are working to CHANGE SITLA.


~Lionel for Utah Tar Sands Resistance

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