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All eyes on Utah as the Eastern Tavaputs Plateau becomes the first tar sand extraction site in the U.S. Join the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) from July 15-22, 2014 to build relationships with activists and organizers throughout the Western region, and learn about direct action resistance, all while cultivating and consistently honoring an analysis based in climate justice principles.

In response to the imminent threat of tar sands extraction, a Utah-based coalition comprised of Peaceful Uprising, Utah Tar Sands Resistance, and Canyon Country Rising Tide is organizing the Campaign Field School, which will be stationed next to the ‘point-of-extraction’: near U.S. Oil Sands’ Tar Sands test-pit on the Eastern Tavaputs Plateau in Utah.

The Campaign Field School will serve as a training hub for people from the refinery communities of Salt Lake City, rural Utahns, indigenous allies, students, and other self-selected interest groups from throughout the region. By hosting the field school near the point of extraction, we are able to illustrate the visceral realities of an extractive economy, and show–not tell–the destructive forces our current fossil fuel economy is having on ecosystems, land and people.

SacredWatersIn addition to training people on campaign tactics and critical skills such as site monitoring—thereby building our capacity to maintain a long-term resistance movement—the Field School will deepen participants’ climate justice analysis and collective liberation framework, which will foster community building between people from diverse backgrounds. This school will include both workshops and ongoing mentoring.

The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) will be teaming up with these groups to help recruit students from the Western U.S. to attend the Campaign Field School during the 3rd week of July: July 15-22.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the application form, and the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) will contact you with more details!

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