Photo tour: Join us to visit what Enefit oil shale mining would destroy first


Tar sands and oil shale development are crucial accelerants to climate catastrophe and the severe harm brought to so many, but a threat of harm to every living thing on the planet. The chain of destruction starts at the extraction process on precious and beautiful land south of Vernal.

On October 25-27, we will be visiting the land that the state-owned corporation of Estonia plans to destroy for a few hours fuel.

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There are many interesting sandstone rock formations, chimney rocks and beautiful cliffs. The area has stuff going on that feels like Canyonlands National Park, Capital Reef National Park and Monument Valley all rolled into one.


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The White River is fewer than a few miles from Enefit’s planned mining operation which would produce large quantities of toxic waste. The White River is a tributary in the Colorado River water system, which provides drinking water to 40 million people from Wyoming down to Mexico, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and many indigenous nations who’ve relied on the threatened river system for eons.   


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Right near that cylindrical sandstone rock formation is our closest approximation of exactly where Enefit Ground Zero is.  I.E., that layer cake-shaped rock or the land around it might be amongst the first sacrifice zones in Enefit’s plans.


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This cool roadside rock radness is on Kings Wells Road between Enefit’s planned oil shale strip mine and Seep Ridge Road, which is the road most people use to get to US Oil Sands tar sands mine.


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