No water?!?! UTSR Science Fair reveals bizarre double speak of Utah regulators

Lionel Trepanier of Utah Tar Sands Resistance on Water Discharge at PR Springs with Demonstration
Published on Oct 28, 2012

Lionel Trepanier of Utah Tar Sands Resistance explains and demonstrates the danger discharging waste water at PR Springs, Utah, the proposed site of the first tar sands strip mine in the USA. Moab’s drinking water is threatened by this proposed project which the Utah Water Quality Board, minutes before this video was taken, recklessly voted to allow without a water permit. Lionel Trepanier refers to a 1999 Utah Geologic Survey which indicates both an aquifer beneath PR Springs and that it is an important source of drinking water in Moab, UT.


Judy of Utah Tar Sands Resistance Explains Sage Brush and its Implication of Ground Water
Published on Oct 28, 2012

Judy, of Utah Tar Sands Resistance, explains that Sage Brush implies ground water. This was part of UTSR’s science fair exhibit outside a Utah Water Quality Board Hearing where the board voted 9-2 to not require US Oil Sands to have a water permit on the grounds that there was no proof of water at that site.US Oil Sands is preparing to destroy all the life in a large area of Utah at PR Springs. Our corrupt politicians and regulatory agencies are encouraging it so the resistance will need to come from the people. Whatever it takes this project will be stopped!


Jesse Fruhwirth on Tar Sands and Colorado River Basin
Published on Oct 24, 2012

Jesse Fruhwirth explains the exhibit he made on the Colorado River Basin and how it and the community(s) of the basin will be affected if Tar Sands strip mining is allowed to come to PR Springs, Utah, in the Book Cliffs or Tavaputs Plateau.

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