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June 9-11 2017 5th annual Inter-generational “Family Camp out”

This year we look forward to celebrating 5 years running of families returning to enjoy and protect the spectacular wilderness at PR Springs.

The inter generational family camp out brings together all ages for fun and learning geared to include children. 

We will provide a group dinner on Friday and Saturday night and breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning. Please bring your own lunches and snacks. There is fresh spring water from pr spring.

We will plant native seeds in an un reclaimed disturbed area and explore the amazing biodiversity of the tavaputs plateau.


More info coming: Bicycles not tar sands bike ride on the $150 million “road to nowhere” Seep Ridge Road. Labor day weekend.


PAST events

Witness the Waters July 8-16th 2016

PR Springs Utah is a magical place with abundant water and life. The state of Utah has declared the area to be without water and therefore safe for unfettered tar sands strip mining. Utah Tar Sands resistance will host “Witness the Waters” a celebration of water and protest of Utah’s corrupt regulation system. The fact is US Oil Sands, and the State of Utah are lying about the existance of water at PR Springs.


We will honor, investigate and document the naturally occurring water at the numerous springs, seeps and rivers in the area.

Come and see for yourself and learn more about the threat of tar sands mining and why we fight.

Bring your own tent, sleeping gear and some food. We have a community kitchen. There is potable spring water. We will provide tours and information about the area, the threat of tar sands and the status of the US Oil Sands mine.


2016 brings new opportunities to continue our resistance by keeping up the pressure to restore this land and its precious ecosystems during this so called “slow down” for US Oil Sands and Red Leaf as well. We will return to PR Springs this Spring to begin the next chapter in this struggle.

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We will hold our 4th annual intergenerational family camp out on June 10-12 2016 at PR Springs. This event brings together all ages for direct action and learning geared to include children. We have seen over the years that adults have a lot to learn from the children who attend.  This year we will focus our efforts on documenting the status of the site and plans for reclamation and protection from further environmental damage during any inactive or ‘slowdown periods’ at the PR Springs mine site. The nearby Bryson 4 mine abandoned in the 1980’s shows us that now is the time to secure a clean up plan before US Oil Sands goes belly up and joins the long list of failed projects in this amazing area.

UTSR Thanks

Join us for a fun-filled weekend for people of all ages! There will be guided hikes and other activities, community meals, and a great community of people concerned about the future of our world. More info coming soon. Please email tarsandsresist@riseup.net if you plan on attending.



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