MCW is now Petroteq

MCW now called Petroteq Energy Inc, a Canadian-registered holding company is a regular participant in tar scams at Asphalt Ridge near Vernal Utah.

Petroteq makes false claims about green house gas emissions

They will use electricity and front loaders to mine.

Mine plan

Entrance to Petroteq near Vernal Utah.

MCW now called Petroteq is a penny stock scam.

The production of tar sands in Utah is a story of false claims and impossible promises. Including a long history of failed companies, bankruptcies and name changes. Foreign owned company heads and insiders walk away with invested money. Utah politicians provide legitimacy to magical mine plans and accept corporate money. The local communities suffer from economic swings created by the scams.

Petroteq site near vernal

Recently Petroteq energy has been actively pursuing investors, by generating press releases and soliciting press coverage to boost the stock price of Petroteq.

Petroteq has used GlobeNewswire, a paid service to make a press releases on August 3rd, July 24, July 18, July 12, July 11, July 10, July 9, July 3, May 22, and May 23. They use PR Newswire a paid press service in London to re-churn their press releases in Europe.

From GlobeNewsire site: “GlobeNewswire is one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.”

This paid for saturation has generated dozens of actual articles in newspapers and mainstream media reports. There is also noticeable increase in the share price of Petroteq stock. PQEFF on the Canadian stock exchange.

These news reports contain impossible claims made by Petroteq about their Utah project.

Petroteq mine site with generator power.

Petroteq claims they produce no green house gases however their generator is shown in this picture. When we asked about it onsite Petroteq said: “ Everything is electric.” “Once we get electricity down here it won’t be run on a diesel generator”

In June we went to visit Petroteq in person to see for our selves. W spoke to Donovon and Paul at the Asphalt Ridge site. They repeated the same claims made in the press. We discussed their recent public statements and questioned them about this claim:

“the extraction process, produces no greenhouse gases “

Their answers:

“ Everything is electric.” “Once we get electricity down here it won’t be run on a diesel generator”

“Right now it is running on a generator while we are waiting for Rocky Mountain power to get down here.“

They think electric means no greenhouse gases. Since our visit in June they have installed a giant propane tank. 

Petroteq is a Penny stock scam banners

UTSR visits Petroteq’s tar sands strip mine site at Asphalt Ridge in Uintah county.

I contacted UDOGM on July 25:

Dear April

I have been following the progress of Petroteq and their compliance with state law.

I see that in this letter dated June 4 Petroteq is asked to respond to the division of oil gas and mining by June 29 2018.

Can you tell me if Petroteq has responded or if any other agency actions have occurred.

Also Petroteq is claiming that they produced and sold 10,000 barrels of oil in 2015-2016. Is there a record of oil sales in Utah where this might be documented?

On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 9:58 AM, April Abate <> wrote:

Hi Raphael,

We are expecting a revised Notice from Petroteq any day now.  They have been in to talk to us about their process and we have asked for an update to their mine plan.  The revision will be subject to the public comment process. I am also aware that the Division of Water Quality has asked for an update to their groundwater discharge permit.  

I put in a call to SITLA to ask them about whether or not they reported the oil production to them when they operated their plant in Maeser.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

Regards, April

Currently Petroteq is not in compliance with the Utah Division of oil gas and mining (UDOGM) who issued a “division directive to post additional reclamation surety” demand letter on June 4 2018 noting several concerns and requesting a response by June 29. Petroteq has not posted sufficient surety for the mine and factory they claim to be producing oil from. 

UDOGM minerals inspection report dated 5/24/2108 also states the the Utah division of water quality has requested that Petroteq file for a Utah pollution prevention permit and that the groundwater discharge permit the company currently holds be updated for their records.

Before these same operators changed the name to Petroteq they ran a similar scam as MCW Energy

The UDOGM mineral permit file M0470089 shows the company currently known as Petroteq has been previously known as MCW energy LLC, Amerisands, TMC Capital lle, TME asphalt ridge.

MCW had to pay a settlement agreement to SITLA in 2016.

MCW also had it’s lease with SITLA terminated.

This article gives a really good breakdown of MCW’s actual production, spending and earnings. The author points out many red flags and inconsistencies in claims made by Petroteq.

Tar Sands investors, Vernal residents and others deserve to know who Petroteq really is. SITLA’s board of trustees, Governor Herbert, and Uintah county representatives should be held accountable for supporting this unproven project.  

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The Book Cliffs Highway, a massive proposed public subsidy to the fossil fuel industry, extending seep ridge road through Grand County to I-70 was just cancelled.

The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) has been pursuing this project against public opposition for several years. In 2015 the Grand County Council pulled out of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) in order to avoid being outvoted over support for this project. This unnecessary project through a steep and wild canyon would have been expensive and destructive. 

Estimated Project Cost:*
Construction for East Canyon Route:  $157 Million

Maintenance Estimate (20 years): $27 Million
Yearly Maintenance: $1.35 million

* These estimates are from the Book Cliffs Transportation Corridor Studyothers have ranged as high as $418 million in construction costs with annual maintenance and operating costs as high as $3.89 million.

The SCIC will petition the legislature to re-appropriate the remaining funds that will no longer be used on the highway. The SCIC proposes to give approximately 2.8 million dollars to the Uintah Basin Special services district to pay for maintenance on the existing Seep Ridge road that ends at the Grand county Line near the defunct US Oil sands tar sands pit and processing factory. 

biking on the road to nowhere

Seep Ridge road built for oil and gas is mostly empty. The UTSR bike ride follows Seep Ridge from “the Horn” to the Willow Creek overlook.


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