Red Leaf oil shale project

Red Leaf Resources Oil Shale company formed in 2006 and leased approximately 17,000 acres from SITLA in the Uinta Basin for oil shale mining.

Red Leaf Presentation – ICSE 2011 Conference L Nelson 

Red Leaf has never produced oil shale commercially.

Red Leaf has been involved in Utah politics through lobbying efforts and campaign contributions. Subsidy spotlight

Dr Laura Nelson worked for Red Leaf before she became the director of Utah’s office of energy development. She worked with US Oil Sands to get the Utah legislature to pave Seep Ridge Road, in November 2014, the last phase of construction was completed on a forty-foot-wide highway through the wilderness, made for semi-trucks and megaloads, paid for with $86.5 million in public funds.

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Mine permit number M0470103