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Mining company US Oil Sands announced the appointment of a receiver on Sept. 14, a sign of the company’s poor financial standing. The company owns the controversial PR Springs tar sands extraction facility in Uintah County, near the border with Grand County and has been working towards commercial oil production. Read more:

Moab Times-Independent – Facing losses US Oil Sands mining company goes into receivership


“Last week, several grandparents and I demonstrated at the PR Spring tar sands mine with a rocking chair blockade, demanding that Utah and the nation urgently transition to green energy and restore the land.

With US Oil Sands going into receivership, Utah leaders have another chance to get it right. They have been cashing in on dirty energy projects like the U.S. Oil Sands tar sands mine at PR Spring for decades.

The tar sands mine has never moved beyond preproduction, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars while blighting the landscape and destroying critical habitat in the Book Cliffs of eastern Utah.

Infrastructure and regulatory support from DEQ, DOGM and SITLA are partly responsible for the desecration of hundreds of acres.

To secure a livable future for our grandchildren, our leaders must ensure that the restoration bond of $732,000 is used to clean up the mess. No more tar sands nonsense.”

—Jill Merritt

Salt Lake City

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Moab Times-Independent – No more nonsense



US Oil Sands resumed work early this month on commissioning the project, bringing employees and contractors back on site on a staged basis, “allowing for a coordinated and safe return-to-operations,” it said.

It hopes to complete commissioning and start up operations to produce its first oil in the next eight to 10 weeks, ramping up production to capacity from there.


Dust blown away from stockpiles left over after tar sands upgrading is very likely a key source of a cancer-linked pollutant commonly found in the northern Alberta region, concludes a new peer-reviewed study.


US Oil Sands slows $60-million Utah project as prices tank, contractors close





Article about tar sands strip mining in Utah, from Scientific American. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/tar-sands-mining-moves-to-utah/

Article about direct action in August 2015


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 promise or peril? (The Daily Sentinel – May 5)

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Estonia coverage of Enefit’s Utah oil shale project:

Peaceful Uprising Demands Immediate DAQ Ban On Tar Sands Refining in Utah – http://environews.tv/peaceful-uprising-demands-immediate-daq-ban-on-tar-sands-refining-in-utah/


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Native American Round Dance Protest Hits the Capitol (City Weekly – Feb. 21)

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VIDEO: Citizens’ Public Hearing at SITLA OfficeUS Oil Sands slows $60-million Utah project as prices tank, contractors close