Volunteer with Utah Tar Sands Resistance


Young buck in PR Canyon eastern Utah.

Utah Tar Sands Resistance is made up of people who volunteer their time to protect our air, water, and wilderness. We need your help! Volunteering can take many forms. We want you to get involved in a way that aligns with your own talents and interests.

Here are some ways to get involved:


Present our teach-in to various groups. You don’t have to be an expert, as our presentation relies on the research of many scientists. We’ve found that our audiences are engaged and eager to learn more. The presenter’s role is to deliver information, facilitate dialogue, and help people understand how they can get involved.

Reach out to potential allies. We’re working to connect local allies as well as front line communities in eastern Utah, the communities surrounding the refineries in Woods Cross, and downstream communities along the Colorado. Coalition building with these communities requires much communication.

All the land around you is leased for strip mining. Banner.

Volunteers make informative signs from recycled old banner and donated paint.

Art and Storytelling

Blog about events and news. Give supporters a firsthand account of a rally or action, or tell how a groundbreaking study is important to our work.

Film events or promotional videos. We’re working to produce regular video content from rallies, and promotional videos featuring our very own Tar Sands Monster. What other ideas do YOU have?

Make banners, stickers, or props. We can always use more art! A few months ago,


Help to plan and coordinate events and actions. Whether you’re one of those special people who loves logistics, are great at organizing events, or want to help plan events and actions, your help and input will be appreciated.

Field Trips

Visit PR Springs during one of our upcoming camp outs. We’ve been going on regular visits to areas that are at risk of being mined. Camping nearby it is completely legal, as we’ll be on state or BLM land. Having a personal connection with the site is deeply inspirational and helps us all to outreach more effectively.