Petroteq NOI revoked for Asphalt Ridge

Petroteq has been successfully using our system to scam investors and residents of Vernal Utah for years. The Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining has finally ended the NOI permit at TMM Asphalt Ridge and ordered Petrorteq to begin reclamation in April 2022 that was to be completed by July 30 2022. It is unclear if they have done any reclamation. 

asphalt ridge

A February 4, 2022 letter from Asphalt Ridge Inc of Reno Nevada indicates that Pertoteq has been evicted from their mine site at Temple Mountain for non-payment of rent. Asphalt ridge Inc. is the owner of the land where Petroteq was operating their project.  The termination of Petoteq’s right of Entry onto the property effectively terminates their mine permit at Asphalt Ridge outside of Vernal Utah.    

I have been warning folks that this project is a scam for several years. The company run by Aleksandr Blyumkin has had name changes and multiple partners throughout the life of the project which was permitted in 2013. During the time they were operating as MCW they were evicted from land held by SITLA. 

In June 2022 the SEC filed  cease and desist proceedings against Petroteq.

SEC filing against Petroteq  

They are ordered to correct the fraudulent statements in their SEC filings and pay these fines:

Petroteq shall pay civil penalties of $1,000,000 to the SEC in 4 installments within, 10 days, 180, days, 270 days, and 364 days of the court order on June 13 2022. 

Aleksandr Blyumkin shall pay civil penalties of $450,000 to the SEC on a similar schedule.  

Protest at PR Springs Utah

The connection should be made that David Sealock was the CEO of Petroteq from March of 2018 until 2020 when he left Petroteq and bought the bankrupt “US Oil Sands” tar sands strip mine at PR Springs which was called “2020 Resources”. Now it is called “Sky Quarry” owned by David Sealock who moved from Canada to Salt Lake City to run the Sky Quarry scam

Sky Quarry an illiquid investment

The securities of Sky Quarry Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), represent an investment that involves a high degree of  risk, suitable only for persons who can bear the economic risk for an indefinite period of  time and who can afford to lose their entire investments.

Investors should further understand  that this investment is illiquid and is expected to continue to be illiquid for an indefinite  period of time. No public market exists for the securities to which this Subscription  Agreement relates. 

A recent visit to PR Springs brought the sheriffs from Both Uintah and Grand county to our campout for Tar Sands Resistance. The Uintah county sheriffs stayed up at the “Horn” and looked at us from a far.

Uintah county sheriffs at the Horn on Seep Ridge road.

Grand county Sheriffs had to drive down into PR Canyon to see us. We spoke to a different officer on friday and saturday. No clear explanation as to why they were there.

They were all watching the US Oil Sands mine site now owned fully by David Sealock the former CEO of Petroteq. The mostly idle mine site has added several office type trailers for the “New” project. A few people were on site including someone with California plates.

The area that was previously used by Ronald Barton and The sheriff’s office for an office and housing trailer has been removed and Sky Quarry has trailers in that location. Many questions remain: Why does the sheriffs office spend money to send officers out to this mine that is a private corporation who should provide their own security if they need it.

On September 15 2021 April Abate from the Utah division Of Oil Gas and Mining visited the mine site and made an inspection report.

Here are some comments from her report:

“Mr. Sealock explained process to EPA. The company’s goal is to make Utah asphalt shingles to
be 100% recyclable by creating a closed loop vapor recovery system to prevent emissions.
Economics are still favorable to haul these to the plant. A heavy oil product will be shipped to
MC Oil and Gas and Foreland Refinery in Nevada.
Sand separation units will be relocated, and the large roller mixer will be removed. Pellets of
recycled shingles will be blended with bitumen from the mine. The Notice of Intent (NOI) is
currently out of date and will need to be revised under a significant revision. The operator has
contacted Stantec Consulting to prepare the revised NOI.”… “Solvents to be used will be a mix of d-limonene and hydrocarbon condensate mix.”

No actual mining or processing is occuring. I don’t beleive they really want to mine they just want you to invest. Sky Quarry is a scam