Uinta Basin Railway Comment Period

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Uinta Basin Railway is a polluting project

The Uinta Basin Railway comment period has begun and the draft Environmental impact statement is available for public review and comment until December 14. Three 3 more public hearings over Zoom will be held on Nov 30, December 1, and December 3. 

Anyone can join and comment. We are focusing on December 1 and encourage folks to join and listen. 

How to join a meeting

Written comments can be submitted here

To find out more about the proposed railway and the many concerns please visit


The STB states:

“Based on the analysis in the Draft EIS, OEA concludes that construction and operation of any of the alternatives would result in significant environmental impacts. Major impacts would include temporary and permanent impacts on surface waters and wetlands; impacts on biological resources, including federally listed threatened and endangered species and other protected species; permanent changes to land uses on public and private lands; and noise impacts on residences near the proposed rail
line during rail operations”

Rail lines are extremely expensive and require maintenance in remote areas that is also expensive. Any access to use the railway must be gained through a specialized loading station built and suited to whatever it is you want to put on the train you have to have a side track too People are being led to believe they will have access to the train for all sorts of commodities this is false. Anyone can have access, you just have to build a train station.