American Badger sighting today

american badger

This morning around 9:30 am I noticed an animal moving across the meadow. It looked like a large cat or small dog from afar so I grabbed a camera and ran over to the meadow. The badger ran up the dirt road and I got a few pics!

A one point it turned toward me and puffed up and growled. It was grunting and hissing as it ran off. Another amazing animal flourishing on the Tavaputs Plateau in the book-cliffs.

The badger has an interesting quality called “Embryonic diapause” or delayed implantation. This means the embryonic blastocyst does not immediately implant in the uterus after sexual reproduction.

Nature is wise.

One thought on “American Badger sighting today

  1. Awesome sighting! What a treat to see it in action, and to experience the interaction! Thank you for your service, and giving voice for those who cannot defend themselves against this treacherous imposition on the habitat these creatures depend on, and our precious environment as a whole!!!

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