UTSR welcomes the formation of PANDOS in Salt Lake City


Welcome to PANDOS.

Inspired by the struggle at Standing Rock, we are a newly formed group of activists, community leaders, and compassionate humans. PANDOS peacefully advocates for basic human and environmental rights, primarily Native rights, and organizes support to encourage dialogue and the protection of our shared home. 






One thought on “UTSR welcomes the formation of PANDOS in Salt Lake City

  1. This is beautiful to know. I went to the urban Indian center, they had no knowledge of any group yet in early October. Glad to see that has changed. We have a place that does a monthly show, and I have made sure that I have kept our audience informed all summer long. Please come and share our space.

    Peace Hawk

    Painted Note
    1483 S. Major St.
    SLC, UT 84115

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