Come to the Colorado Plateau Defense Camp, July 11-17!


Folks from across so-called Colorado are invited to the East Tavaputs Plateau in so-called Utah from July 11-17, facilitated by Peaceful Uprising. Come for a week of workshops, discussions, and hiking alongside land defenders protecting the plateau from the first commercial tar sands mine in the US. The week will include discussions on climate justice, decolonization, anti-oppression, nonviolent direct action training, and role plays, as well as hiking and capture the flag in the woods.

From the event announcement: 

In an effort to build solidarity across the region, we plan to bring different elements of Colorado’s student-led environmental, divestment, and other movements together, along with non-student led efforts. By building relationships, we can see that our many different struggles are all connected and fight our common enemies in defense of Mother Earth.

With myriad companies waiting in the wings to see if US Oil Sands’ tar sands mine gets off the ground, a huge area of the Colorado Plateau is at stake. Come help us defend this region from the threat of tar sands and oil shale.

To register, please email your name, phone number, what groups you are associated with (if any), how many people will be coming with you, and experience level with direct action to Please also let us know if you would need travel support to attend, as a limited amount may be available, particularly for people of marginalized groups in this region. Likewise, please let us know if you can provide travel support for others.

As we all gather together, we acknowledge that there can be no safe spaces in a settler colonial state on stolen land. The Book Cliffs, the land being mined for tar sands, is stolen Ute land. Those of us who are settlers living on this land want to be accountable for our presence here. The purpose of this camp is to participate in the work being done to protect the land while creating accountable spaces where we can challenge the normalization of white supremacy and settler colonialism. So, no cultural appropriation, homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia, ageism, speciesism, or settler colonial attitudes will be tolerated.

Please register by email to SOON!

Please read these articles to prepare for coming to camp:

”Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?”from Unsettling America

“Heteropatriarchy and the 3 Pillars of White Supremacy” by Andrea Smith

“Cisseexism and Cis Privilege Revisited – Part 1: Who Exactly Does ‘Cis’ Refer To?” by Julia Serano

Tar Sands: Why We Fight

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