January 18: “Film-In” at Tesoro Refinery – We Are Not Afraid!

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Join us on January 18th for a “Film-In” at the Tesoro Refinery in Salt Lake City, and show the corporate polluters that WE ARE NOT AFRAID!

On Dec. 18, 2013, movement journalist Jesse Fruhwirth was illegally detained by off-duty Salt Lake City police officer “Kilo 85″ who was being paid by Tesoro oil refinery. Fruhwirth was filming a major pollution event at the refinery–a huge flaring that released large amounts of pollutants and toxins into the Wasatch Front’s already diry airshed (and on one of Salt Lake’s infamous Red Air Quality Days).

(Video of the flare & Fruhwirth’s interaction with Kilo 85):

Intimidation techniques such as these used by the SLCPD are meant to keep the public from observing and questioning the atrocities regularly committed by corporate interests.


Bring your cameras, video recorders and smart phones, and join us as we hold a “Film-In” on public land outside the Tesoro Refinery, and legally document the continuous releasing of toxic fumes during Utah’s winter Inversion season (including the toxic output from tar sands being shipped by rail from Canada).

The State of Utah, and the Department of Air Quality, refuse to hold the refineries accountable, and public resources such as the Salt Lake police force are being used to protect the polluters, and harming the public. It’s time to take a stand and say “No More!”

(Join the Facebook event).

And on Saturday, January 25th at noon, join the Utah Clean Air Coalition for the “Clean Air, No Excuses” Rally on the steps of the Utah Capitol.

1 thought on “January 18: “Film-In” at Tesoro Refinery – We Are Not Afraid!

  1. You people are idiots. The guy should be detained and arrested for stupidity alone. All the green tree huggers and activist that want to shut the country down from moving forward, creating jobs, reducing debt and eliminating a welfare system. You all forget it takes oil to do many things that are a necessity in life for most of us – heating our home, operating a vehicle, doing our job, getting groceries to the store, flying families to see loved ones. Everything is taking for granted. And a wanna-be-movie director at best gets detained over a matter of Homeland Security and the guy acts an idiot? Really? And your suggestion that the huge flaring released large amounts of pollutants and toxins into the air? How would you know? Were you there and measured it? Did you capture the gases in your mason jar and have it tested? If Mr. Fruhwirth truly believed in his cause, then why was he driving? Why was he actively promoting the use of refined oils using a vehicle? The fact is, Mr. Fruhwirth is only trying to gain his 15 seconds of fame and has nothing to do with a true belief in a genuine cause or movement. If he had, then he wouldn’t be driving around, polluting the air around him. As far as the officer, she did the job that she is hired and expected to do. Yet, Mr. Fruhwirth is more interested in her being an off-duty police officer rather than staying on course for his own cause. Unlike you, the officer is out in life, being a productive citizen, working two jobs and paying taxes. Its truly amazing and dumbfounding, even mind boggling, that people who promote an affection toward a cause are the ones that not only least understand what they are promoting but even more-so are only promoting to gain personal attention. I agree, pollution needs to be controlled and contained. But bringing attention to a cause in the manner that Mr. Fruhwirth did only makes the cause a laughing mock. What did Mr. Fruhwirth do that the rest of the surrounding community couldn’t do my merely opening up their curtains and looking outside? Oh that’s right, he got his personal attention gratification and put an innocent ladies face out on the internet, illegally (see, you have to have her permission to put her face and identity on the internet), but you, the big time movie maker you are, didn’t bother to take that into account. Mr. Fruhwirth, do yourself and all of us a favor – put your cell phone camera down (and you were so honest answering questions, duh, I only took moving pictures, lol. What a liar and deceitful person, tell the officer you were recording if you honestly believed in your cause!), go get a job, find your spot light by being employee of the month at a circle k and let people make a living. You’re targeting a gas plume from a refinery as a source of massive pollution, yet you drive side by side the worst air pollutant of all, city buses and mass transit and you keep your mouth shut. Go figures. You wouldn’t get your 15 seconds of fame going after a black smoke blowing, 20 hour-a-day running, diesel pollutant city bus. Figure you would go after Tesoro and make a few bucks and a name for yourself. In a way you did make a name for yourself. From now on, we will just call you Idiot.

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