Give some cash to help broke friends come to Which Side

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Hey, life happens. And it ain’t easy.

Most of us pay rent or a mortgage.  Some of us face foreclosures and evictions.

Most of us work jobs, but some of us make less than minimum wage or have no work at all, which presents its own hardships.

All of us make mistakes and have imperfections, but some people get criminalized and incarcerated for them (and some of us are criminalized for good stuff we did and even stuff we didn’t do!)

All the while, we’re fighting big opponents, fighting for what’s right, we’re fighting for our lives, for our families, for our ancestors and for generations that would call us ancestors.

In the face of all that, we need community, we need strong human bonds, we need to know we matter and we need to know we’re not alone in our bold convictions about what is right. We need intimate relationships with other people who are also recovering from this awful mainstream culture that we all inherited, which even pollutes our minds, not just our air and water.

That’s what the Rendezvous is all about–building community so that all of us are stronger together, stronger to fight for the Colorado Plateau, stronger to fight tar sands, stronger to fight for liberation.

That’s why we’re asking you for money to support the Which Side Rendezvous, organized by our friends at Which Side Podcast.

Click here to donate now to the Which Side Rendezvous * 

We have a friend in rural Utah who would like to come but could not afford the gas money without your help. Rural areas can be very isolating places when you don’t fit in, when your idea of what is right and what is worth a fight is totally different from everyone else in your town. Absolutely there are rad’ little towns, too. But in Utah, it’s usually not like that.

So if you can, help a friend cut through the capitalist chains that keep some of us isolated and vulnerable to dangerous habits that hurt our bodies and souls (because at least they kill the time and kill the pain).

Nourish a healthy community of resistance: give a few dollars. Our goal isn’t big–only like $400 to help out this one friend and have some cash for emergencies, and to help out anyone else who might like to come along, but otherwise wouldn’t be able due to funds.

Let’s make sure that community-building in wild and threatened environments isn’t a luxury that only some people can afford. Please help us out.  Thank you.

Click here to donate now to the Which Side Rendezvous *

Click here to get more information on the Which Side Rendezvous here. 

2 thoughts on “Give some cash to help broke friends come to Which Side

  1. What about developing and organizing fundraisers? Also for outreach. The movement will work when it’s universalized! I want to help!! I’m planning a tour with some performers to come through there to raise awareness. I’ll be in touch.

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