Aug. 16-19 – Tar Sands Healing Walk solidarity campout at PR Springs


Utah Tar Sands Resistance and friends will be walking between threatened and damaged sites in the PR Springs area, calling for healing of the abused planet Earth. The walk is inspired by and in solidarity with the Tar Sands Healing Walk, a First Nations-lead action in Alberta Canada in July 2013.

“It is time when people from the four directions come together to walk for justice, for peace, for freedom, in recognition of the great spirit and mother Earth,” says the narrator on this video about the Healing Walk. “Not only are we in an ecological crisis, we are in a moral and human crisis.”

Alberta tar sands–with poisoned people, vast eco-destruction and unimaginable dumping of climate change gasses–are a scary forecast for what we would see in Utah…except that you and we are going to stop the industry in its tracks and overthrow the fossil fuel economy! 

It could all start with a camp out, August 16-19.

Watch the Facebook event for updates and details as they emerge:

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