Solidarity Action Campout — bring your whole family!

tavaputs country-small It’s time for another UTSR campout at the proposed site of the first tar sands mine in the US and this campout is more exciting than usual.

About 100 people will be attending the Canyon Country Action Camp in Green River, Utah. The intention of the action camp is to build local organizers to fight tar sands and protect Tavaputs Country and the greater Colorado River Basin, so that’s so awesome.

They’ve asked us for support at PR Springs–the location of the tar sands test pit–up on the East Tavaputs Plateau so that Canyon Country Action Camp participants get to meet some of our rad’ folks up on the plateau.

So, bring your high spirits of resistance, your kids, your elders, all your loved ones!

Details are still being worked out–as usual–but expect that we’ll leave Friday July 26 or Saturday July 27 and stay until Monday July 29.

It’s rugged out there! For more information to prepare for a trip to Tavaputs Country, go to

For updates and to RSVP, go to

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