Tar Sands eco-terrorists can’t hide from the resistance–climate justice WILL be served!

Utah Tar Sands Resistance, Peaceful Uprising and Deep Green Resistance Great Basin May 7 stormed the Unconventional Fuels Conference in Salt Lake City, piercing fossil fuel lies by speaking truth to power. The Conference was put on by the University of Utah’s Institute for Dirty and Dangerous Energy, otherwise known by it’s double-speak Orwellian name, the Institute for Clean and Secure Energy. The conference this year placed special focus on tar sands development.


Six people were detained, but those fearless people were legally assaulted by conference organizers and also, for a time, the elevators were locked preventing them from leaving the conference even though they were asked to do so, severely complicating any charges police might otherwise have sought.

The resistors handed out Wanted posters (below) for the CEOs of three corporations threatening our precious Book Cliffs and the entire Colorado River water system, which provides water to 30 million people.

Most wanted Eco-Terrorist: Cameron Todd, CEO of US Oil Sands. Todd intends this summer to begin destroying Main Canyon in Utah’s Book Cliffs, poisoning the Colorado River, polluting the Uinta Basin and Salt Lake City airsheds and contributing to climate-change catastrophe.  Already forest is being clear cut and soon the land itself will be scraped, deformed, and destroyed just to unearth the dirtiest fossil fuel humans have ever burned.

These terrorism profiteers need to be treated as such: they are a threat to to all life and we who can do so must stop them. For us to win, we will have to be fearless, escalate our tactics, and relentlessly defend the land, air, water and climate. It won’t be easy, it won’t be comfortable, but our lives and the lives of future generations depend on it.

Use your power, get fearless!

Utah Tar Sands Resistance and Peaceful Uprising are apart of the Fearless Summer! Find the Fearless Summer coalition organization in your community, by clicking here.

No one from Fearless Summer is in your town?  You can join us at No Tar Sands Action Camp July 21-28 in Green River, Utah.

The News Coverage was Great!

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s oil shale, tar sands in for a bumpy ride; Energy » Protesters at U. conference denounce ‘dying industry.’

Fox13: Tar sands protesters interrupt U of U fuel conference

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8 thoughts on “Tar Sands eco-terrorists can’t hide from the resistance–climate justice WILL be served!

  1. Stop profits from the pollution of the commons. The GOP do not fund abortion. Fine. A precedent. Why must “We the People” be forced to subsidize the ecocide of the Planet?

  2. Would just like to send out the spirit of support for the group interupting the corporations, investors,companies and government meeting on selling off of yet another beautiful area of our Mother Earth. Thanks for bringing the point to these close minded group when all they see is dollars and probably do not live in the area so feel no responsibility to what happens to mother nature and beauty that we do have presently. Water is a such a big lifeline for ALL not just the activists behind standing up for the rights of the land and the people against big investors,companies,government etc.

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