Action Photos: People SEIZE Tar Sands Field

Dear Cameron Todd,

Fighting the toxic stench of chemicals and exposed tar, people entered your tar sands test pit this weekend. The raid was to expose tar sands’ awful destructiveness and demonstrate resolve against your dangerous project, the first proposed tar sands mine in the United States.


Be advised Cameron, a summer of work stoppages will lead to declining investor confidence (as if you have any investors!). You’ll be drowning in debts and filing for bankruptcy for your little corporation U.S. Oil Sands, a company so dishonest its name lies twice: “U.S. Oil Sands” is a Canadian corporation that doesn’t sell oil! More photos after the jump!


Cameron Todd: Give up now. Leave this land.


Utah Tar Sands Resistance



If you or anyone else wants to join us, you can come to Tar Sands Tuesday at the Free Speech Zone, 411 S. 800 East, starting at 3 p.m. every Tuesday.  It’s a work and discussion party that sometimes becomes a meeting when a lot is going on. We study, chat and build solidarity.  Join us!



Cameron, we’ve seen the clear cutting you’ve done to Main Canyon. That is going to stop–NO MORE KILL ZONES. We will defend the planet by protecting this amazing and beautiful land.



Cameron, really:  Do you think anyone believes you about the orange peels thing?  We all know the chemicals you’re using are dangerous, so don’t think that anyone buys it when you say your chemicals come from oranges.



We are watching.


13 thoughts on “Action Photos: People SEIZE Tar Sands Field

  1. Thank you! It is a brave and courageous act you are committing against a powerful agenda. Please stay safe and keep up the good work. Our planet is depending on you.

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  3. Stop the pipeline! Thank you for doing what you do to stop this craziness! We have clean energy available. This is about $’s and nothing else. Lives are at risk for profit and that’s sick. This MUST be stopped!

  4. Looks like they have equipment already up there, so it’s probably too late. With all the natural gas in UT I don’t understand why they need to strip mine anything at all for fuel. It doesn’t make sense, except to line pockets. Making money is ok, but this is a cheap shot that has consequences. What is their justification for this mess? Anyway, your best bet is to get it into court ASAP for some reason. Talk to an environmental attorney. Of course, they would have done an impact statement long ago. Taking pics and lying down in the street will only discredit you, plus someone might get run over. I usually side against environmentalists because they have an agenda outside of the environment that has cost us our American industry. However in this case there’s no reason to tear up the mountains like that while other better natural resources exist within the same geographic region. PLUS they’re Canadians! Screw them! btw, the Canadians have 2000 acres set aside in Utah to build a nuclear power plant but the license is a problem. Again, Canadians! We can build our own stuff.

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