Utah Tar Sands Resistance 2023 camp out: Return to the land.


for your consideration:

Join Utah Tar Sands Resistance

for a Campout at PR Springs

August 11-13 2023

Please join Utah Tar Sands Resistance for a camp out on the eastern Tavaputs plateau to check in on the stripmine at PR Springs and the new mine owners and to be on the land again.

Directions to PR Springs:


Google map

PR Springs campground is adjacent to trust land that SITLA (School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration of Utah) has leased for tar sand stripmining and processing.

We will provide tours of the area and information about the history of the US Oil Sands project and tar sands and oil shale developments on the Colorado Plateau. For folks who are coming for the first time. The Tavaputs plateau is around 8000 feet elevation with spectacular views in every direction. There are deer and elk, black bears and wild turkeys. Dark skies and stargazing is also fantastic from the plateau. We camp here to observe the pristine area that Utah would have us grind up and turn into oil using massive amounts of energy and water.

There is potable spring water at the site.

PR Springs is on the Tavaputs Plateau and within the Uncompahgre boundaries.

UTSR supports the position that all lands within the Uncompahgre reservation be restored to the ownership and control of the Ute people as their sovereign land.

Please RSVP to UtahTarSandsResistance@gmail.com

Petroteq NOI revoked for Asphalt Ridge

Petroteq has been successfully using our system to scam investors and residents of Vernal Utah for years. The Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining has finally ended the NOI permit at TMM Asphalt Ridge and ordered Petrorteq to begin reclamation in April 2022 that was to be completed by July 30 2022. It is unclear if they have done any reclamation. 

asphalt ridge

A February 4, 2022 letter from Asphalt Ridge Inc of Reno Nevada indicates that Pertoteq has been evicted from their mine site at Temple Mountain for non-payment of rent. Asphalt ridge Inc. is the owner of the land where Petroteq was operating their project.  The termination of Petoteq’s right of Entry onto the property effectively terminates their mine permit at Asphalt Ridge outside of Vernal Utah.    

I have been warning folks that this project is a scam for several years. The company run by Aleksandr Blyumkin has had name changes and multiple partners throughout the life of the project which was permitted in 2013. During the time they were operating as MCW they were evicted from land held by SITLA. 

In June 2022 the SEC filed  cease and desist proceedings against Petroteq.

SEC filing against Petroteq  

They are ordered to correct the fraudulent statements in their SEC filings and pay these fines:

Petroteq shall pay civil penalties of $1,000,000 to the SEC in 4 installments within, 10 days, 180, days, 270 days, and 364 days of the court order on June 13 2022. 

Aleksandr Blyumkin shall pay civil penalties of $450,000 to the SEC on a similar schedule.  

Protest at PR Springs Utah

The connection should be made that David Sealock was the CEO of Petroteq from March of 2018 until 2020 when he left Petroteq and bought the bankrupt “US Oil Sands” tar sands strip mine at PR Springs which was called “2020 Resources”. Now it is called “Sky Quarry” owned by David Sealock who moved from Canada to Salt Lake City to run the Sky Quarry scam

Sky Quarry an illiquid investment

The securities of Sky Quarry Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), represent an investment that involves a high degree of  risk, suitable only for persons who can bear the economic risk for an indefinite period of  time and who can afford to lose their entire investments.

Investors should further understand  that this investment is illiquid and is expected to continue to be illiquid for an indefinite  period of time. No public market exists for the securities to which this Subscription  Agreement relates. 

A recent visit to PR Springs brought the sheriffs from Both Uintah and Grand county to our campout for Tar Sands Resistance. The Uintah county sheriffs stayed up at the “Horn” and looked at us from a far.

Uintah county sheriffs at the Horn on Seep Ridge road.

Grand county Sheriffs had to drive down into PR Canyon to see us. We spoke to a different officer on friday and saturday. No clear explanation as to why they were there.

They were all watching the US Oil Sands mine site now owned fully by David Sealock the former CEO of Petroteq. The mostly idle mine site has added several office type trailers for the “New” project. A few people were on site including someone with California plates.

The area that was previously used by Ronald Barton and The sheriff’s office for an office and housing trailer has been removed and Sky Quarry has trailers in that location. Many questions remain: Why does the sheriffs office spend money to send officers out to this mine that is a private corporation who should provide their own security if they need it.

On September 15 2021 April Abate from the Utah division Of Oil Gas and Mining visited the mine site and made an inspection report.

Here are some comments from her report:

“Mr. Sealock explained process to EPA. The company’s goal is to make Utah asphalt shingles to
be 100% recyclable by creating a closed loop vapor recovery system to prevent emissions.
Economics are still favorable to haul these to the plant. A heavy oil product will be shipped to
MC Oil and Gas and Foreland Refinery in Nevada.
Sand separation units will be relocated, and the large roller mixer will be removed. Pellets of
recycled shingles will be blended with bitumen from the mine. The Notice of Intent (NOI) is
currently out of date and will need to be revised under a significant revision. The operator has
contacted Stantec Consulting to prepare the revised NOI.”… “Solvents to be used will be a mix of d-limonene and hydrocarbon condensate mix.”

No actual mining or processing is occuring. I don’t beleive they really want to mine they just want you to invest. Sky Quarry is a scam

Sky Quarry is like pie in the sky when you die (it’s a lie)

Don’t be fooled by smooth talking new owners of the tar sands mine and processing facility at PR springs Utah.

The plan for processing shingles and selling oil extracted from recycled shingles would be really great near an urban area where the resource is or can easily be brought in. There are several reasons why it is a BAD plan for PR Springs that will never be viable.


The facility Sky Quarry purchased is NOT permitted to process any material that was not mined on site. New permits will be needed and a public comment period is required.

Lengthy permitting delays and lawsuits are likely over water needs and water discharge concerns related to PR Springs. The previous owners 2020 Resources, then called US Oil sands faced a lengthy lawsuit over their plans. Sky Quarry will also.

This “facility” is at the top of a high desert plateau of 8000 feet elevation. Their are no public facilities for miles.  The paved road that comes in from the north ends at the mine site, the dirt road to the South is steep and impassable during storms and winter.

Bringing anything to this remote location is expensive and logistically challenged. The water, the sand , shingles, the workers. All of these components add up to a big expense and a HUGE carbon footprint. just to get to the mine site.

It will be expensive and difficult to bring the “product” made way out at PR Springs to market.

This is not “Green” there is no electricity out at PR springs they have natural gas and diesel generators. How will this be powered?

Its a fools investment.

From their web page:

Sky Quarry has purchased a facility in Utah that was built for Oil Sands extraction (which is very similar to the process we will use for shingles).  We will use this facility to demonstrate our technologies, sell asphalt, sell asphalt with recycled shingles blended in, process shingles, and produce oil.

Sky Quarry will take your money and offer a future return that is never coming like pie in the sky.

Utah Oil Slick funding polluters instead of Rural Communities

Report: Utah Board Misused Public Money on Fossil Fuel Projects, Failed to Fund Rural Community Needs

dust on seep ridge road utah

The Community impact board provides a smoke screen for sweetheart projects to receive public money with little or no input from the public.

The Utah Clean Infrastructure Coalition released a report today showing Utah’s Permanent Community Impact Fund Board has funneled more than $109 million in public money to projects that promote or expand fossil fuel extraction, violating the federal Mineral Leasing Act.

Utah Oil Slick funding polluters instead of Rural Communities

The report also documents that needed infrastructure projects in rural communities are not funded while Utah leaders use federal lease revenues and royalties to help the fossil fuel industry, by funding polluters, including a proposed oil railway and oil refinery.

Utah is funding polluters instead of Rural Communities

The Community impact board is funding several polluting projects with royalties that were intended for rural communities.

Oil, gas and coal companies pay the federal government for the right to develop federally owned minerals on public lands and pay royalties for any minerals they extract. Congress intended this money to be used to help rural communities experiencing rapid growth and infrastructure challenges because of fossil fuel extraction.

Utah is responsible for allocating the money to affected communities. But today’s report found a large portion managed by the governor-appointed Permanent Community Impact Fund Board has been used to enable fossil fuel extraction. Meanwhile, millions of dollars of community projects identified by rural communities have gone unfunded, including water and sewer services, recreation centers, road improvements and public safety equipment.

Surface Transportation board rendering of the Uinta Basin Oil train.

Today’s report amplifies the findings of a 2020 report from Utah’s Office of the Legislative Auditor General, which raised serious concerns about the Community Impact Board, including that the board improperly funded economic development projects. The board continues to misuse public funds despite the audit’s findings and recommendations.

news articles:

Deseret News story

Fox 13 story

KUER News story

Utah Tar Sands Resistance is proud to be a part of the Utah Clean Infrastructure Coalition. 

Petroteq Energy receives a stop work order again!

Petroteq Energy receives a stop work order again!

Petroteq Energy has been running an illegal operation over at TMM Asphalt Ridge Mine near the green river south of Vernal. Formerly known as MCW this project has received several stop orders and citations from state agencies and inspectors. 

Petroteq receives stop work order again

Petroteq is a scam

Inspection report May 2020: “Conclusions and Recommendations: Operation has been ordered to vacate by the property owner. The lease is no longer valid. The operator has been cited for improper storage of deleterious materials and unpaid permit fees under MN-2020-60-01. The abatement requires immediately retaining a licensed disposal contractor to inventory and dispose of all petroleum and hazardous materials.”

Inspection report May 14, 2021: “Valkor and Greenfield established a joint venture back in March 2020. Plant construction was completed in December. The operator ran out of ore to process and set up an agreement with Tar Sands Holdings II to purchase more ore to bring to the property. Valkor asked the property owner for an extension to the terms of the lease allowing for an extension to produce more oil by end of year. According to the operator it is too expensive and currently not economical to mine the ore from the pit. The plan is to test the plant and once it is determined to be operational then mined material from the pit will be used. There are no immediate plans to the mine the pit material. The oil sand from the off-site source was estimated to be approximately 500 tons. Operator has identified a buyer for the sand material. The company planned to conduct further exploration to evaluate the resource which was scheduled to resume in June.”

from DNR inspection report

Petroteq receives stop work order again.

Processing material from a mine not on site requires a different permit. Petroteq does not have a permit to do what they describe here to April Abate, the inspector. Who makes a stop work order:

Cessation order May 14, 2021: “Facility is processing material from an off-site source and staging waste products from off-site sources not in accordance with the most recently approved Notice of Intent dated October 27, 2017. “

Meanwhile Greenfield is formed from TOMCO (out of London) investors who already got ripped off on the Red Leaf project on Seep Ridge Road, and Valkor. Greenfield is duping folks into buying shares in this charade of a mine and processing facility. 

May 25 Findings of fact order resulting from stop work conference 

On May 21, 2021 a stop work conference was held at the request of Greenfield energy and Petroteq was ordered to comply or cease by July 1 2021.

Red Leaf begins reclamation on failed oil shale project in Uintah County. 

Red Leaf begins reclamation on failed oil shale project in Uintah County. 

Red Leaf to begin reclamation

UTSR protest at Red Leaf in 2014

Red Leaf Resources Oil shale mine and processing facility has finally begun remediation at the Oil Shale mine Southwest #1 Utah Permit Number: M0470103.

This 274 acre site was never operational. Here is the most recent Mining progress report Jan 22, 2021

“Ore Disposition: No ore was mined, stockpiled, processed, heaped, etc. in 2020. The last mining activities occurred in 2015. Inert, non-processed ore, and overburden stockpiles are present and maintained in stable conditions at multiple locations across the LMO site.”

Laura Nelson who worked for former governor’s Herbert and Huntsman was at one time a VP at Red Leaf resources (2007-2012). Laura Nelson also known as the “Carbon Queen” was head of the governors office of Energy Development until January 2020. As CEO of Red Leaf she helped Red Leaf to persuade the legislature to pay for “the road to nowhere” or Seep Ridge Road in Uintah County. 

Laura Nielsen's road to nowhere.

UTSR bike ride on Seep Ridge road, “The road to nowhere” built for Red Leaf and US Oil sands.

Seep Ridge road runs past the Red Leaf Resources mine site and ends at the failed PR Springs tar sands mine site on the county line to Grand county. Currently the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) is attempting to extend this road into Grand County. Grand County and others have been fighting this road that only serves oil and gas for decades!   

Reclamation Plan to begin spring 2021. You can still invest in Redleaf.


zombie mine plan rises at PR Springs

2020 Resources changes name and owners to revive scam operation at PR Springs.

Like a zombie that comes back from the grave, the Tar Sands scam is too lucrative to die. 2020 Resources formerly known as US Oil Sands, has recently changed its contact address and agent info to David Sealock. David Sealock resigned as the CEO of Petroteq on March 31, 2020.As the CEO of Petroteq, Mr. Sealock was able to rip off shareholders and local businesses in Uintah county. Successfully milking the Petroteq tar sands scam project before moving on to buy 2020 Resources. 2020 Resources LLC, A division of Sky Quarry Inc. 136 East South Temple, Suite 1400 PMB 589. Salt Lake City www.skyquarry.com has filed a notice of intention to revise large mining operations at PR Springs Utah. Permit file M0470090. 

From the permit file Utah mine inspector April Abate writes:

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 11:38 AM: “Jamie, We will still need to have the layout the solvent extraction process details in your new mine plan. This will undoubtedly affect the type of equipment and machinery you will be using at the facility. This will likely change at least some of the equipment currently at the facility that is listed in the bond cost spreadsheets. Once we receive your significant revision to the mine plan, we have 30 days to review it and make comments. Typically we will have comments that require you to respond to so that will be another few weeks for your company to review and submit the responses. Once/if we issue a tentative approval decision, we ask for the new reclamation bond then it will go to a 30-day public comment period. This project has been fiercely contested in the past, so I would expect that you would receive opposition comments to reactivate the operation. If the opposing parties ask for an informal hearing then it could take even longer. Based on my past experience with this operation, your schedule of mid-summer 2021 is probably not very realistic given the time it will take to revise the permit and the potential for opposition given this mine’s history. I just need to be honest with you about this. You should also check in with the Utah Division of Environmental Quality – Groundwater Protection Division to see if they are going to require a groundwater discharge permit for your operation. They may have their own requirements depending upon how you will engineer your solvent extraction system.”      

idle mine owned by 2020 resources

View of mine processing are from Seep Ridge Road

Sky Quarry bought a bankrupt project that has NEVER produced oil commercially. However these people involved seem to have no intention of actually producing a viable product. This mine at PR Springs is an important piece of the charade that is tar sands in Utah. What is being extracted from PR Springs and the other tar sands projects in Utah is investors money.

The companies that run these rip off mines are also damaging the environment. They are polluting waters and leaving a mess on the land. Local businesses in Uintah county have given credit and services to these “Foreign Limited Liability companies” who can bankrupt and default on debts over and over. Meanwhile paying their directors large salaries from investors’ monies.

Sky Quarry makes fantastic claims of clean and green projects to lure investors.

From Sky Quarrys web page: “Sky Quarry is a true green R3 (recycle, reuse, reduce) clean technology company – developing the science, engineering the technology, which will bring in a new era of sustainable recycle and reuse of asphalt shingle waste material and environmentally clean oil (ECO) production.”

Sky Quarry is now describing strip mining as REMEDIATION. A new trend in the tar sands scam circuit. 

From Linkedin: ” Environmentally clean, yet collaborative, Sky Quarry’s process removes asphalt bitumen from the asphalt shingle waste, contaminated soil remediation or oil saturated sands, without the use of valuable water resources and limiting the greenhouse gas exposure to our environment.”

Zombie mine plan should die

Sunset in PR Springs Canyon

MMIW awareness may 5 2021

Honoring those Missing in Utah, Red Dolls with the names of missing people reflect only a portion of all those affected.

Did you know May 5th is Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Day of Remembrance in Utah?

Join MMIW+ of Utah,  Restoring Ancestral Winds and representative Angela Romero for a Webinar on May 5th to learn about MMIW and what is happening in Utah.

Tar sands mining and other extreme extraction of fossil fuels harms Indigenous women, children and men. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Utah formed to raise awareness about this issue and to listen to and honor the people who are affected by this issue. Utah Tar Sands Resistance participates as an ally to MMIW+ of Utah by sitting as a volunteer on the MMIW+ of Utah committee formed by PANDOS.  

May 5, 2021 at 6:00-7:00pm MST for a discussion and Q&A on Utah’s MMIW+ Taskforce with Representative Angela Romero and Restoring Ancestral Winds.

Use this link to join the webinar or tune in to the MMIW+ of Utah Facebook page to watch live: https://zoom.us/j/93989634088

MMIW+ of Utah Chair, Michelle Brown, will facilitate the webinar and read questions from participants at the end of the discussion.

Our agenda includes:
-A brief history of MMIW+ issue in Utah
-A discussion with task force leaders Rep. Angela Romero and Denae Shanidiin of Restoring Ancestral Winds
-Q&A session with questions from our audience and participants

Proposed Book Cliffs Highway cancelled

Resistance against tar sands development

Book Cliffs Highway Cancelled

The Book Cliffs Highway, a massive proposed public subsidy to the fossil fuel industry, extending seep ridge road through Grand County to I-70 was just cancelled.

The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) has been pursuing this project against public opposition for several years. In 2015 the Grand County Council pulled out of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) in order to avoid being outvoted over support for this project. This unnecessary project through a steep and wild canyon would have been expensive and destructive. 

Estimated Project Cost:*
Construction for East Canyon Route:  $157 Million

Maintenance Estimate (20 years): $27 Million
Yearly Maintenance: $1.35 million

* These estimates are from the Book Cliffs Transportation Corridor Studyothers have ranged as high as $418 million in construction costs with annual maintenance and operating costs as high as $3.89 million.

The SCIC will petition the legislature to re-appropriate the remaining funds that will no longer be used on the highway. The SCIC proposes to give approximately 2.8 million dollars to the Uintah Basin Special services district to pay for maintenance on the existing Seep Ridge road that ends at the Grand county Line near the defunct US Oil sands tar sands pit and processing factory. 

biking on the road to nowhere

Seep Ridge road built for oil and gas is mostly empty. The UTSR bike ride follows Seep Ridge from “the Horn” to the Willow Creek overlook.